Stream of Consciousness Sunday: To Party or Not To Party?

SOC Sunday 2015

Writing on Sunday mornings feels so different than Saturday night. I'm glad to have some quiet time in the house to be able to stop, think, dump my thoughts for just 5 minutes. And then it's back to clean up. You'll know why when you read my stream … [Continue reading]

Clear Your Netflix Queue for Sense8

Watch ALL the Episodes

I can't tell you how many times I see this posted on Facebook. I've got the house to myself and I need some shows to binge watch! Because apparently, Facebook is the place to do that and binge watching is now a real live thing. It's true. Even … [Continue reading]

Heels and Wheels and A Whole Lotta Cars

2015 Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe

One thing that social media has done for me has made me aware of living in the moment. Sometimes it's not so great. I'm so conscious of documenting the moment I'm living in that I forget to actually enjoy the moment. And sometimes, I just live in the … [Continue reading]

14 Days and Counting

Field Trip Friday 2015

What kind of parent are you? YAY! Summer vacation is here!!! or Oh man, summer vacation is here. Admittedly, I'm a little of both. I don't enjoy the routine of the school year and trying to fit into that mold only creates a level of ordered chaos … [Continue reading]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: On Psychics and Marriage

SOC Sunday 2015

It's hard to just open your mind. When I think of doing a brain dump, it's almost always about how I feel old or fat and how I want to do something about it but it all seems so hard and hopeless (mainly because I have no willpower). But who wants to … [Continue reading]

Fiat 500X: A Taste of Italy in Southern California

Fiat 500X

Why would a car manufacturer fly several bloggers out to Los Angeles just to take a look at a car? Great question. I’m glad you asked. Let’s start with the obvious. They want to get us in the car and driving the car and talking about the … [Continue reading]

What Were You Born to Do? #imbornto

Evan #imbornto

My mother claims I was born three weeks late. I say that she "claims" this because I'm not entirely sure that doctors were as effectively back then of keeping track of due dates. I still tell people this story though as a sort of explanation as to … [Continue reading]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: It’s not always that easy

SOC Sunday 2015

The pressure you place on yourself can often be the worst of all. "What if I don't post?" I asked myself over the past two weeks. And as I suspected, the world kept turning. We need consistency in our lives but we also need well-placed breaks. I hope … [Continue reading]

A Parent’s Guide to the Avengers

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

This post is part of my compensated role on the Fandango Family team. Not only do I love using the Fandango website, being a Fandango VIP, and using my Fandango gift cards to purchase movie tickets, but I also love the parenting resources they have … [Continue reading]

The Magical Curling of the T3 Micro Twirl 360

Fadra with curls

Hair, Never Meant to be Curled My hair is straight. Straight, straight, straight. I spent the better part of the 80s trying to pretend it wasn't. I submitted to perm after perm after perm. I thought that a spiral perm would do the trick. Or tight … [Continue reading]

2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Day 4


If I could paint a picture of how I feel right now, it would include a happy face, sad face, and a really big exhausted face. It's been a weekend of nonstop activity and I would have it any other way. But the conference is over. Mother's Day … [Continue reading]