Some Assembly Required: The Newest Netflix for Kids Original

Some Assembly Required Photo credit: Thunderbird

This post was written as part of my role on the Netflix Stream Team. Topics, selections, and all opinions are my own. Wouldn’t have it any other way. By now,  you've learned that I'm a big fan of Netflix original programming. Even though I … [Continue reading]

#Pyrex100 and a Coffee Cake to Die For

Blueberry Coffee Cake | All Things Fadra

I was asked to participate in the #Pyrex100 campaign, sponsored by Pyrex®, a World Kitchen brand. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own. If you are at all a baker, or someone who cooks, or someone who has spent time in the … [Continue reading]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: A Father’s Day Breakfast

SOC Sunday 2015

I'm a bit later this morning for two reasons. The first is that I simply needed a break from the internet. I try to sort of unplug on Saturdays and as just too tired last night to put forth any real writing effort. And then this morning, THE INTERNET … [Continue reading]

Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out Printables & Recipes

Inside Out Printables & Recipes

It's finally happened. A movie has come along to usurp the power wielded by "Frozen" since November 2013. If your kids aren't already asking you to go see Disney•Pixar’s new film, Inside Out, it's only a matter of time before they will. For the … [Continue reading]

What You May Have Missed in Pixar’s Inside Out

Inside Out movie poster

When a movie as hyped and eagerly anticipated as "Inside Out" is finally released, it can be a movie reviewer's nightmare. Because EVERYONE is reviewing it. Let me get the details out of the way for you: Based in Headquarters, the control center … [Continue reading]

The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Children Learn What They Live

This post is part of my compensated role as a #TalkEarly blogger, an initiative from Talking with your kids about alcohol is an important topic to me which is why I accepted this role. Please note that all opinions expressed here … [Continue reading]

If I Could Do It All Over Again…

If I had to do it all over again - All Things Fadra

For years, I waffled on the "should I or shouldn't I" fence about having kids. Early on in our marriage, my husband and I just assumed we'd have kids. Eventually. You know, when the time was right. But we were usually too busy with careers or … [Continue reading]

#CatsTrueNature They’re not as crazy as you think

Beamer #CatsTrueNature

This post is sponsored by Purina in support of their Purina Pro Plan True Nature line of food. All opinions and images are my own. My experience in the world has shown me that people are generally in two camps... 1. I love cats! They're … [Continue reading]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Tummy Troubles Everywhere

Sometimes when I write for 5 minutes, I try to a least get a complete thought or story out, no matter how abbreviated or poorly written it is. Today, I started down that path and then felt like I just stopped in the middle of the story. But now I'm … [Continue reading]

A Weird but True Fact about me and my son

Weird but True Food

Here's a weird but true fact about me and my son: WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THE WEIRD BUT TRUE BOOKS FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. And yes, I had to type that in all caps. It was necessary. That's how strongly we feel about these books. Here's … [Continue reading]

How We Survived Glamping at the Sea Pirate Campground

Sea Pirate Campground

I am not a high maintenance chick. At least I don't think I am. I just like the finer things in life. You know, LIKE RUNNING WATER AND ELECTRICITY. I'm truly a nature girl at heart but after immersing myself in the elements, I just want a comfortable … [Continue reading]