How Quitting Therapy Helped Me Heal

Why I Quit Therapy

Therapy always seemed like a good idea to me. Perhaps it was because I grew up in the era of The Bob Newhart Show and thought the idea of laying on a black couch answering questions about myself sounded fun. I've always liked quizzes and have always … [Continue reading]

Lessons My Son Learned At Tuckerton Seaport


At seven years old, I'm starting to realize my son is spoiled. I don't mean in a disciplinary way. He has manners and is generally polite. He also has a lot of stuff but let's face it - that's the plight of the only child. When I say "spoiled," … [Continue reading]

Men Can Be Eco-Friendly-Fashion-Conscious Too {Giveaway}

Catalog poses

Last week was supposed to be my all-male review. In other words, I had posts specifically geared toward men or the men in your lives. With Father's Day coming up (and my husband's birthday just after Memorial Day), the timing couldn't have been … [Continue reading]

Thar Be Pirates and Camping This Weekend!


My family has a long history with pirates. Not in the genealogical sense, mind you. But our history goes all the way back to 2008 when my son Evan was almost two years old. He was old enough to really start to embrace the concept of Halloween but not … [Continue reading]

What’s Your Manly Preference: Furry Face or Clean Shaven? {Giveaway}


Once upon a time, my husband grew facial hair. And it looked like this. To be fair, the goatee was quite the style at the time. I'm a self-admitted fan of the clean shaven look so I don't remember what exactly possessed Sean to grow the hair. … [Continue reading]

For The Man Who Has Everything


I'm declaring it Men's Week on my blog. Because I know you're out there. I know you read my blog. Yes, men read my mommy blog. Truth be told, I totally do not consider this a "mommy blog" but I'm frequently lumped in that group. Frankly, you can … [Continue reading]

Get Your Kids Singing This Summer

Best Musical Movies for Kids

Is there nothing cuter than a singing kid? Imagine my surprise when Evan brought home a note from his music teacher suggesting he try out for a local children's choir. My first thoughts were... My kid can sing? Yay! followed quickly … [Continue reading]

MALEFICENT is Magnificent


I do movie reviews for one reason and one reason only: I love movies. When I'm offered the chance to preview a movie I'm dying to see anyway, it's just icing on the cake. Such was the case with Maleficent. When I first heard Angelina Jolie was … [Continue reading]

A Day at the UTZ Potato Chip Factory


As summer is approaching, I'll soon be managing my days alongside a 7 year old child wondering what he can do all day (besides play video games and watch TV). It's especially hard when I've got work to do and all my work involves screen time. When … [Continue reading]

A Salute to Walter


Walter is someone you probably don't know. And the way I came to know him was in the unlikeliest of circumstances. But he's certainly someone worth remembering. In 1992, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts and major in Biology. … [Continue reading]

Good Things Come in Pretty Packages


The older I get, the more I appreciate the finer things in life. And by things, I mean material things. I've never been a brand name girl, mainly because I couldn't afford it. And then when I could afford it, I couldn't escape the idea of value. I … [Continue reading]