The Most Memorable Moments at Blogger Bash 2015

Head Over Heels - Blogger Bash

When I come back from a blogging event and feel compelled to write about it, I worry about several groups of my audience and wonder how I can shape the story for each of them. Group #1: Bloggers that didn't get a chance to attend the … [Continue reading]

You can teach an old dog new tricks, or how I learned to love the Care Bears

New Share Your Care Image

I've always considered myself a big kid. Even my son will tell me I have a kid heart. I'm constantly reliving my childhood through him with TV shows, old commercials on YouTube, and even with some of my toys (he loved my Cabbage Patch preemie … [Continue reading]

Field Trip Friday: National Aquarium Style!

National Aquarium in Baltimore

It's halfway through July and more than halfway through Evan's summer vacation. The days I have left to cross items off our summer bucket list are growing shorter. But I refuse to pressure myself to have fun. Wait. That sounds wrong. I mean, … [Continue reading]

Why Summer is the Best Time to Refresh Your Car

Evan and the dirty car

This post and giveaway is sponsored by Refresh Your Car! but all thoughts and opinions are my own. It was a particularly hot day last week when I heard that familiar summer refrain. I'M BORED. Not only was it coming out of Evan's mouth … [Continue reading]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Mid-Ground between Selfless and Selfish

SOC Sunday 2015

Honestly, when I'm not writing a sponsored post or awesome product review, I immediately go inside my head. And it's not always pleasant in there. Usually that's what comes out on a Sunday morning. It's not a banal story from the week. It's like my … [Continue reading]

Field Trip Friday: Fail, Mom Time: Win

Field Trip Friday - Patapsco Valley State Park

In case you've missed it, it's July already. In fact, it's almost the middle of July and I'm in a full on panic. This happens to me every year and I realize that precious summer moments are slipping away. With only one child, I have a one shot … [Continue reading]

Never Too Old for Rock ‘n’ Roll


A sure sign that you're getting older? You refer to music as rock 'n' roll, "a genre of popular music that originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s." Now I'm not old enough to have been around when it … [Continue reading]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: America the Strange

SOC Sunday 2015

Yesterday felt very political for me. Probably because I shared an article I found interesting that led in to a semi-political discussion. And from there, I ended up clicking on too many links and before I knew it, I saw video clips from ISIS that no … [Continue reading]

Disney Infinity will be jamming on Twitter with #BBNYC


Remember yesterday when I told you I was going to Blogger Bash and gave you all the reason why I was going and all the reasons you should go? Oh, you didn't? Well, you can go back and read that now because it's going to set the stage for this Twitter … [Continue reading]

All the reasons I’m heading to Blogger Bash

BBNYC friends

July is going to be a busy month for NYC. Although I suspect that every month is a busy one for NYC. I'll be heading up on July 15th for no less than THREE events in the same week. But the one I'm most looking forward to is Blogger Bash. If you … [Continue reading]

11 Parenting Photos That Don’t Tell the Whole Story


We shouldn't judge other mothers or fathers or parents. Because really, we never know anyone else's story. And when we see pictures or even moments in the store of another parenting situation, we're really seeing snapshots. There so much to the story … [Continue reading]