9 Things You Didn’t Know About Women and Car Shows

I’ve been going to car shows for as long as I can remember. Or at least as long as I’ve been married, which kind of feels like the same thing. My husband is a fan of cars and so am I. He likes the mechanics and I like the aesthetics. It’s part of why I started working with SheBuysCars. The tagline, “Life happens in cars. Enjoy the Ride.” embraces my philosophy on cars and driving. It should be fun and enjoyable.

Chevy-SBC event

Hopefully. we helped make it fun and enjoyable when SheBuysCars and Chevrolet hosted a group of fabulous women influencers from around the DC area last week at the 2015 Washington Auto Show. Because I had recently returned from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, I was focusing less on the cars and more on the women. And I learned a few things.

1. Some women have never been to a car show.

I know, right? How could that be possible? Although I’m sure there are men that haven’t been either but I’m more interested in women. We spend a good chunk of our lives in the car. Driving back and forth to work or the grocery store or soccer practice or dance classes or, or, or…

Life happens in cars and to better enjoy that ride, we need to enjoy OUR ride and a car show is a great start at car appreciation.

2. Women like more than just minivans.

Truth be told, I’ve never owned a minivan nor do I plan on ever owning a minivan. I do have only one kid so that sort of eliminates the need for such a vehicle. While I do enjoy driving one from time to time, I’m more of a sedan/SUV kind of girl. And yes, there are plenty of chicks who like performance cars (just ask Tonia from The Chatty Momma who was drooling over the new Chevy Corvette).

Chevy Corvette

3. Women like to have their pictures taken in cars.

Just look at Nae from I Choose the Sun who insisted on having her smiling face photographed inside the gorgeous Chevy Impala.

Nae - Chevy Impala

4. Women check out the back seat.

I tend to notice that men sit in the driver’s seat and check under the hood. Women may do the same but they’re usually the first to check the backseat too. We need to know how many kids or adults we can haul, how many car seats will fit, and if the seats fold down for our occasional run to IKEA. Lolli from Better in Bulk and Gina from MoneywiseMoms insisting on thoroughly checking out the interior of the Chevy Spark EV (an all-electric car soon to be available in Maryland).

Gina and Lolli - Chevy Spark EV

5. Women will listen to someone prattle on about every single car at the show when that someone looks like Patrick Duffy’s twin brother.

He’s no relation to Patrick Duffy but he sure looks like him and I should know. I spent time in Fall 2013 on a baseball tour in the Chevy Cruze Diesel with James Bell, GM’s Head of Consumer Affairs. I got to know James and his sense of humor when it comes to all things cars and he brought his A game when he took us all on a personal tour.

James Bell and his woman posse

James Bell auto show tour

6. Women pay attention even when it looks like they aren’t.

Bring a bunch of women influencers to the Washington Auto Show and encourage them to bring their devices and what do you get? A lot of heads down throughout the day but if you check your Instagram and Twitter feeds, I bet you’ll find they were all hashtagging their way through the show. So much information that we used about 12 different hashtags! (Not true – we used #NextGenVolt #Chevrolet #WAS15 #SheBuysCars #TMOM or some variation of all of them!)


Women on phonesClockwise from top left: Elle from Cleverly Changing, Keonté from Mommy2K, Crystal from Eyes in the Back, and Nicole from My Fabulous Boobies

7. Women bring STYLE to the car show.

Thirty or so well-dressed women walking through the car show with all their gear actually turns heads. We had several people wanting to know who we were and why we were there and some even wanted a group photo.

Stylish DC ladies


T from The Style Medic, Mimi from MimiCuteLips, Kirstin from Passenger 156, Christine from Moms ‘N Charge, Keisha from City Girl Goes Digital

Ladies bring it. (And we brought Kate Spade handbags to giveaway too!)

Kate Spade handbags


Our winners: Kendra from When’s My Vacation, Nic from My Fabulous Boobies, Sara from Cooking with 5 kids

8. Women are leaders in design and engineering.

When it comes to women, it’s definitely not style over substance. I had the good fortune of getting to know Pam Fletcher, the Executive Chief Engineer of Electrification for Chevrolet. That’s a big title for a smart woman (who also happens to be stylish – just sayin’).

Pam Fletcher - GM Electrification


You want to get your daughters interested in STEM? Just have them check out women like Pam, GM leaders like Britta Ford and Tori Barnes, and the President of the Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA), Melanie Batenchuk.

Women in Automotive panel

Yep. Women are a force to be reckoned with.

9. Women want the newly redesigned 2016 Chevy Volt.

Well, okay. I can’t say all women want the new Chevy Volt. I can only say that this woman wants the new Chevy Volt. My husband drives a 2013 Volt and loves it. I like it. I like the tax credits and tax breaks. I like the next-to-zero gas bill we have. I like the HOV qualification the car gets. But I don’t love it. One look at the interior of the new Volt and I love it. So, honey, looks like we’ll be getting a new car soon.

2016 Chevy Volt Exterior

2016 Chevy Volt Interior

If I had to sum up my time at the Washington Auto Show with Chevrolet and SheBuysCars, I’d leave you with these few words: innovation, style, girl power, and electrification (because that’s just the coolest word ever).

Have you ever been to a car show? Thought about an electric car? Fallen in love with your next new car? Tell me about it!

This post is part of a compensated opportunity with SheBuysCars.com. All opinions expressed are my own.


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