A Disney Vacation Round-Up

Even bloggers need a vacation and by the time you read this, I’ll be most of the way through my weeklong Disney vacation. We usually go for a week every February for several reasons:

  • The weather isn’t blazing hot.
  • The crowds are low (relatively speaking).
  • It’s low season (in terms of accommodations).
  • We really, really need a break right smack in the middle of winter.

But to make it a real vacation, I shouldn’t have to write while I’m gone, right? So instead, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Disney posts from over the years for your reading pleasure.

1. Disney: The Cure for the Winter Blues

Last year at this time, we seemed to be experiencing snow that would NEVER melt. It was like the eternal winter that Elsa had wished upon us all. Turns out a trip to Florida right smack in the middle of February was just what we needed.

Winter in Disney

2. 10 Things to Know About Cruising With Kids on the Disney Magic

If I had to pick one thing I’d rather be doing than spending a week at Disney, it would be sailing around on Disney Cruise Lines enjoying the warm Caribbean waters and sun.

Captain America

3. Disney Done Right: A Pictorial Lesson

On my third visit to Disney, I was practically an expert ready, willing, and able to share my experience with fellow Disney vacation planners. This was the result.


4. Where Dreams Come True (if you have the right dreams)

This is when I’m glad I’m a blogger and I document everything. It’s kind of nice to see my family over the years with Disney as our baseline. And we know there are many more years to come.

Evan meets Peter Pan

5. A photo with a caption (is like coffee without cream)

There’s no doubt that a visit to Disney is a thinly veiled sociological experiment. I’ve made observations on parenting but what really caught my eye (or my camera) was this sad sight in the Epcot parking lot one night.

Wheelchair at Epcot

And if you’re a blogger and your interest is more focused on the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, I’ve got you covered there too.


2013 Video Recap of Disney Social Media Moms: Day 1

2013 Video Recap of Disney Social Media Moms: Day 2

2013 Video Recap of Disney Social Media Moms: Day 3

2013 Video Recap of Disney Social Media Moms: Day 4

2014 Disney Social Media Moms: Day 1

2014 Disney Social Media Moms: Day 2

2014 Disney Social Media Moms: Day 3

2014 Disney Social Media Moms: Day 4

And if you can’t get enough Disney, I’m predicting that my Instagram stream will be full of all things Disney so be sure to check out my snapshots.

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