Blogger Bash NYC: Mom’s Day Out

While nobody emailed me last week wondering where my Field Trip Friday post was, I know it was on your mind. You were wondering why, if I promised to take my son on a fabulous (used loosely) excursion every week to make the most of summer, there was no post last Friday.

My Field Trip Friday schedule works like this: plan a day or two of fun, enjoy the day, take pictures, maybe some video, and then post about it the following Friday. So if I didn’t post last Friday, it’s because I didn’t have a field trip the previous week. With me so far?

Oh but I DID have a field trip. Because even moms need a getaway.

I planned to attend the very first Blogger Bash in NYC. I described as all the parties and fun of a conference, without the conference. And if you’re a blogger that enjoys working with brands (like me), it was the perfect excuse to plan a trip to the city.

Every good trip starts with planning and I scored a $99 roundtrip ticket on Amtrak. If they could have reliable wifi, I’d sit on a train for hours instead of deal with the BS at the airport. And with three hours of travel time, plenty of space to work (including electrical outlets), free (if sketchy) wifi, and a cafe car, traveling by train is usually my most productive time.


Me, mad that my train was an hour late but it was totally fine once I got on board.

After arriving at Penn Station, I was determined to walk off the three hours of sitting and the surprisingly good chicken salad sandwich from the cafe car. I’m proud to say that I did not take a cab the ENTIRE time I was in NYC. And you know what? I didn’t regret it one bit. My feet hurt a bit but I didn’t have to put my life on the line and I actually felt like I finally got the lay of the land.

First stop was the hotel I chose with the help of Lois Lane Travel, the official travel agency of the conference. I told them that I was looking for a cheap luxury (ha!) room for four of us rooming together. In the end, we ended up at the hotel of our dreams, the Refinery Hotel on 6th and 38th.

Thanks to my fab roomies Erin, Kelly, and Julie (especially Julie), we got an upgrade to a DELUXE APARTMENT IN THE SKY!!! It was a huge, spacious, and swanky room (without being too over-the-top trendy).



We’re missing Julie in this picture :(

Plenty of room for four women who like each other but don’t like like each other. Top it off with excellent staff and a rooftop bar to die for and this unexpectedly turned into my very first girls’ weekend. (Can we please go back right now?)


But the real reason we were all there was for Blogger Bash. So I put on my most stylish yet comfortable shows and hoofed it to 10th and 34th where the festivities began Thursday night with the Sweet Suite.


And the rest of the evening looked something like this:

Blogger Bash - Thursday

But what about the stuff? You know you want to know about all THE SWAG.

Luckily, I didn’t have to carry much home. Last week, I had a lovely box of toys shipped directly to me as part of the Sweet Suite and I saved the unboxing just for you.


To date, I’ve given some of the toys away and we’ve played a few of the games (which we loved). I expect to see some of them make an appearance in my Holiday Gift Guide later this year.

But the fun didn’t end there!

We had an entire day of meeting, greeting, eating, and networking with many of my favorite people. And just having fun.

Breakfast with Ellen and Gina.


LOVED the Game Truck parked outside.


Multiple gaming stations set up inside. I, of course, went straight for the Nintendo Wii U.


Oh, look! It’s Scotty Reiss, editor of She Buys Cars, playing her very first game of Mario Kart!


Element Associates hosted an amazing event with great organizations like Joseph Nogucci (remember this awesome bracelet I reviewed? and check out their new one!)



Cover Girl (I was too busy chatting and missed my manicure and make-up),


Smokey Bear (he’s 70!) as part of the Ad Council and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Oh and the Wubble was there too.

yourphoto (1)




Then I ran into THIS guy and I was all like, WHAT? I never see firefighters like this in my day job. I finally got him to admit he is NOT a firefighter but merely a model. Pfffft.


And finally, I rounded out the evening at the KidzVuz party with more brands than I can count but I held a special place on my camera for Lands’ End.




I walked away with a lot of product, a lot of cards, and some pretty awesome memories. But the best part of the trip is always the best part of these trips. The people.




To Estelle, Holly, Esti, Ellen, Jill, Jessica, Melissa, Leticia, Erin, and all the other fabulous ladies who made this trip so amazing, thank you for showing me that even mom needs a Field Trip Friday all to herself.

And thanks to the amazing organizers of Blogger bash, especially Joey Fortman!!!

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