Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Hair, There, and Everywhere

Last week, I wrote an interesting post about excitement and jumping into things, especially when they scare me. And then POOF! The post vanished. Completely gone, never to be found again. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe those words were just meant for me. But this week, I’m making sure I hit save because I want to read your posts too!

Here’s my 5 minute brain dump…

SOC Sunday 2015

Let’s talk hair color. We have such a melting pot of hair color in this country and they all have connotations.

Brown = boring

Black = dangerous

Blond = ditzy

Red = mysterious

Silver = sophisticated

Gray = old

Any other unnatural shade = it depends

I’ll admit that I think the trend of pastel colored hair is pretty cool. The idea of lavender hair is just lovely. But it’s not for me. Just as red isn’t for me, nor is blond. Sure I’ve been tempted to make a drastic change but drastic change doesn’t suit me well.

Years ago, I wanted to go dark. Like DARK and I ended up coloring my hair almost black. It looked horrible against my skintone so I washed and washed and washed hoping it would fade. Nada. So I used a hair color removal kit, stripped all the color out of my hair and went back to brown. I felt at home with that color.

I do think about changing it up. I sometimes get a few blond highlights in the summer. It feels lighter and fresher. And I do envy the women that do something really crazy with the hair color. I’d love a cool streak of something. But at my age, I worry I’d look like someone trying to recapture their youth. And isn’t there a sort of elegance to convention?

As the grays are creeping in, I think more about that trend. Going gray or silver. For some women, it looks beautiful but there’s never been a gray haired woman in my family. I truly think that gray hair ages most people. That means I’ll keep on coloring mine until there’s nothing left to color.

What do you think about coloring hair? Is it fun? Necessary? Are you daring or boring? And what should I do?

This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…

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