It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like BLOGMAS

If you were sitting on pins and needles wondering if the Blogmas Awards were going to go the way of the retiring blog conferences, the wait is over.



In case this is your first experience with Blogmas, let me ‘splain.

When I started blogging waaaaaay back in 2009, I had no idea what I was getting into. And five years later, I continue to be pleasantly surprised. This community I’ve found still amazes me. You read my stuff, you share my posts, you say crazy things on Twitter (that part is completely unrelated to me) and I still love you and thank you for coming back every once in a while.

My way of giving back to you is to help you showcase your best work from the year. It started as a bit of a joke to make sure those of us who weren’t award-worthy or list-worthy, still felt some kind of worthiness. And the joke was that it was me deeming whether something was worthy or not.

I’m no judge. I’m just a platform and I like using my platform to make sure credit is given where credit is due.

So if you are a “BIG” blogger or teeny tiny “nobody reads my stuff” blogger, it doesn’t matter. This is where the playing field is leveled.

Blogmas 2014

Here are the rules in all their glory.

1. Pick your favorite post from this year.

(Or two or three. But no more than three because I do actually have to read all of these.)

It can be written on any date ending in 2014. This can be your post (self-promotion highly encouraged) or someone else’s post (but please make sure they care enough because I surely don’t want to be snubbed).

2. Create the category in which you think this post should win.

Now, I will say that I generally tend to group posts into general categories, like the funny ones, or the ones that will make you cry. But it can be anything. Got really creative with a review? Send it. Loved your own video that you made? Bring it. Dished out a high dose of snark? I’m ready.

As for the category you choose for the post you submit, make it creative and unique to the post. And if you need examples, go back and read all my Blogmas posts from years gone by!


“Best post for evacuating your tear ducts”

“Best post with pictures so beautiful I want to buy a dSLR and pretend I can shoot pictures this good (or well)”

“Best post to make you snort milk if you happened to be drinking milk while reading this post”

“Best dammit-why-doesn’t-she-have-a-book-deal post”

And that about wraps up the rules. You enter. I read. I pick the winners. Because no blogger is too small to make my list.

DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26th FOR ALL BLOG POST SUBMISSIONS! Then we’ll ring in the New Year with the best of the best!

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