Breathe Some Dragon Fire into the Summertime Blues

Have the summertime blues hit yet? I waffled on the fence for quite a while about whether or not to send Evan to summer camp. In the end, I settled for twice-a-week tennis lessons and one week of Vacation Bible School.

For the most part, it’s gone okay. In fact, I saw a complete change in Evan for the whole month of June. He was happy and helpful and eager to run outside to play with his friends.

By the time the middle of July hit, we were faced with the I’m bored followed by endless hours of video gaming or TV watching. And then one day, a big box came in the mail and here’s what happened.

The box was supposed to get us excited about watching the new series, Dragons: Race to the Edge, based on the How to Train Your Dragon series (which we loved, by the way).

Dragons - Race to the Edge

The problem was that Evan, as usual, had already discovered the series on his own and watched every. single. episode. That boy of mine, he’s definitely a consumer of media. Even Netflix can’t keep up with him!

Since he’s already watched the entire series, maybe I can at least get him to grab the chalk and find a little inspired creativity outside. And after about 15 minutes when he’s complaining about the heat and humidity, I’ll have to find something else for him to watch.

If this sounds like your summer, Netflix recommends some of these streaming options to keep your kids happy, busy, and maybe just a little inspired to go on their own adventure.

Netflix Picks

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Puss in Boots
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If you’ve got a slightly pickier child or you’re looking to find something family-friendly but entertaining for all (something we always struggle with), check out some of my picks that focus on exploring and adventure.

Fadra’s Picks

Netflix streaming family movies Netflix streaming family movies Netflix streaming family movies Netflix streaming family movies

And as usual, if you have family movie or show recommendations that you love on Netflix, please share!

Netflix logo

This post was written as part of my role on the Netflix Stream Team. Topics, selections, and all opinions are my own. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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