Nothing But Flowers (in Turks & Caicos) #BeachesMoms

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

While I attended a conference last week at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa, I had an option to attend one of many excursions including: Sesame Street puppeteering, mixology, cooking, fitness, and horticulture.

I lucked out with my first choice: an Island Exploration tour that included a stop at Little Water Cay (Iguana Island). Oh man, this nature girl LOVED seeing iguanas in their natural environment (more to come on that).

On our way back, we swam in the clear blue waters and laughed at what an amazing time we were having while some people were stuck in the kitchen cooking our lunch and at a bar making our drinks. But the biggest laugh came when we thought of the people who were stuck walking around in the heat and humidity for the horticulture tour.

Plants? HA!

Well, the joke was on me. Because as I set about to take a few photographs of the resort and really started looking around, I was amazed by how many gorgeous flowers surrounded me on the property.

Here’s what I do know: many of the plants at the resort are not indigenous but are planted and maintained by an expert groundskeeping staff (in fact, the person who gave the horticulture tour used to manage golf courses in Bermuda).

Here’s what I don’t know: what most of these flowers are! But they were so beautiful, I felt like I needed to share anyway!

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos


Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Flowers - Turks and Caicos

Coconuts - Turks and Caicos

(Okay, I know coconuts aren’t flowers but I had to include them because how cool are they?)

If you’re knowledgeable about plants, tropical flowers, or even horticulture (I promise I won’t laugh), I’d love to hear what you think and if you can help me identify any of these!

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