Ever Consider Renting Your LEGO Sets?

If you’re like me, you couldn’t wait until your precious newborn baby was old enough to…

sleep through the night

take his first steps

say “I love you, Mommy”

finally show an interest in LEGO.

We bought Evan plenty of DUPLO sets that sadly went mostly untouched, by Evan, that is. I definitely put those sets together.

And when he got a little older, we bought him what I like to call an “imagination box,” or basically a set of LEGO bricks. He would stack a few bricks and call it a ship. And then I would have to explain that his “ship” was structurally unsound because he needed to overlap the bricks to add more stability. Or he needed to use his colors symmetrically for the best design.

It may sound like I’m a controlling mother. I’m not. I just recognize that my only child doesn’t have an older brother and sister, like I did, teaching him the ways of the LEGO. We spent many, many mornings, much to my parents’ chagrin, raking through a giant zippered suitcase of LEGO bricks to find exactly the right one. We built elaborate houses and ships and whatever else our imagination could concoct.

As a bit of a nostalgic fool, it’s made me a little sad that most LEGO sets are focused around sets. You have instructions to build a very specific thing. And then you try to play with it but your non-controlling mother strongly cautions against it reminding you of the number of days it took to put that Millennium Falcon together. And you then put it on the shelf where it sits looking pretty.

What if you could remove all that pressure? What if you had a set, could put it together in whatever way you want, and when you were done, you could return it and get another set?

Well, folks, you can.

I’ve been trying out a complimentary 3 months subscription to Pley, a company that literally lets you rent LEGO sets.


In fact, I built these all by myself.




Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for an account at Pley.com.

2. Select all the cool sets you (ahem, or your child) wants to play with and add them to your queue.

3. When a set becomes available, Pley sends it right to your doorstep.

Okay. I can hear your questions in my head already. So here’s a quick braindump.

How do can I keep the set? You can keep the set as long as you like but you won’t get another one until you return it.

Is it a pain to return the set? Nope. Pley provides you with the packaging and the prepaid label for return shipping.

How do I know what set I’m getting? You won’t always know which set you’ll be getting next because it’s based on availability at the time they’re shipping. 

Isn’t sharing LEGO sets gross? Nope. The pieces are completely sterilized between shipments. Probably cleaner that your own kid’s toys.

What if my set is incomplete or, WORSE, my kid loses a piece? Pley has a self-reporting system in place to keep them in the loop on any missing pieces and you’re never charged if one goes missing.

Is it just for kids? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait, you were serious. Honestly, Evan helped me a little but I had the most fun because I got to do architectural sets like this one.



And if the whole idea seems weird to you, watch my video and remember that tens of thousands of members can’t be wrong (about LEGO anyway).

Through BlogBuzz2Go, I received a complimentary 3 month subscription to Pley and all I did in return was co-host a Twitter party and document some fun I had building with LEGO. All opinions are clearly my own. Affiliate links appear in this post.

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