About this blog

All Things Fadra, contrary to what the name implies, is not a blog all about me. It’s about blog about people like me. My readers tend to be educated, passionate, funny, and genuine. Like me, they’re trying to wade through life with a sense of humor and experience everything it has to offer

My motto: Be kind, tread lightly, live more simply, and look good while doing it all.

What I write about on All Things Fadra:

Family + Parenting A nostalgic fool, I reflect on my experiences as a parent and a child.  And yes, pets are considered part of our family.

Movies + Entertainment Movies, television, books, theater, gaming – I’m a regular Renaissance woman.

Beauty + Fashion  Over 40 and trying to deny it every step of the way. Let’s keep that our little secret, m’kay?

Travel + Adventure The worst form of torture is requiring me to stay home for too long. Always looking for my next adventure.

Really Cool Stuff Reviewing things I think are cool and interesting that I would actually use.

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