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The Google Alerts tell me that I’m slowly making progress towards world domination. In other words, I write around and occasionally get published.

Here are some of the other places you can find me blabbering.



Social Dialect, Social Media Consulting


Insert Eyeroll, a completely genius satire site

Own Skincare Blog, skin savvy blog for Own products

Guest Posts

Momcomm: Guest Post “If That’s Your Business Card, I Can’t Wait to See Your Blog”

By Word of Mouth Musings: Guest Post “It Takes Two Bloggers”

The Kennedy Adventures: Guest Post “What ‘Advanced Maternal Age’ Really Means

High Impact Mom: Guest Post “What a Grandmother Means”

in these small moments: Guest Post “The Warmth of His Hand”

Adventuroo: Guest Post “Driving a Spike in the Railroad of Blogging” Guest Blogger “Why iPhone made me a better mom” Guest Blogger “Moms can be social…online”

Other Media The Opinion Shop “Wake schools: Project Enlightenment, policies and protocol” “Beautiful Mind” Writing Challenge