Blogmas 2013: Make ‘Em Laugh

Thanks for joining me for Day Two of Blogmas, where I bring you the best blog posts of 2013 according to you! If you missed yesterday’s post, go catch up. I selected my 20 favorite submissions from the year. (Okay, I selected 19 plus one of my own. Cut me some slack).


I’m back with another installment of BLOGMAS 2013 where YOU asked for the best posts of 2013!

Okay, wait. I guess you didn’t really ask. I asked. But you answered so it’s kind of like you asked.

Anyway, we’re moving on to one of my favorite categories… HUMOR! Here’s the kicker, though. Humor is in the eye of the beholder. I might think it’s funny and you may not (and vice versa). That’s what makes diversity in the blogosphere so awesome. I guarantee at least one of these 20 awesome posts will at least make you crack a smile. If so, leave me a comment and tell me which one so I know I was right.

Here are 20 of the funniest posts from 2013, according to you.

(Side note: It’s actually only 19 posts and my favorite funny post from my own blog is tacked on at the end.)

1. Best Post for Moms to Shake Their Heads and Wonder “How the hell is this child MINE?” by Erica Voll at No Sleep Til College

I think it helps if you know Erica because I can literally hear her in my head saying, “How the hell is this child MINE?”. But even if you don’t know Erica and you didn’t really catch up on the million or so shares of the Beastie Boys/GoldieBlox video on Facebook (like me), now is the time. If you haven’t seen the video, google it and then read Erica’s post about how she has some work to do with her daughter.

Point of GoldieBlox Toys Completely Lost on a 4-Year-Old Girl


2. Best Reminder That Life Can Knock You On Your Knockers At Any Moment by MLP at I Miss You When I Blink

Yes, it’s a post about knockers. Yes, those knockers. And if you’ve ever had them squished intentionally or unintentionally, you’ll love laughing at ML’s story of how a potential scary moment gained some ridiculous perspective.

To the Guy Who Catapulted Me From a Revolving Door


3. Best Post for Illustrating How Self-Publishing is Like Giving Birth by JC Little at The Animated Woman

JC, who refuses to tell me what JC stands for, is comfortable making you feel uncomfortable. Like the time she read a story about ringworms in front of an entire audience, complete with illustrations. While she warns you that this post contains nudity, relax – it’s only the animated kind.

How self-publishing a book is like giving birth.


4. Best Video Post Without a Category Because Jessica Didn’t Come Up With One by Jessica Bern at Bern This

If it’s Jessica Bern, it’s gotta be humor. An actress and comedienne, Jessica makes the rest of us look like amateurs. You know. Cuz we are. But if you’re a Maxxinista like me, you’ll love how deal finders are competitive too. (this is so me)

If you didn’t believe in miracles, you will now


5. Best Keeping-It-Real-Glad-It-Wasn’t-Me Post by Nicole Hempeck at Moments That Define Life

You know how we often envy other people’s live? Especially when we see all the cute, precious photos online and wonder why our kids are so nice/cute/sleepy/agreeable/etc.? Nicole breaks down the reality of just one of those moments is really all about.

Photos Can Be Misleading {#ShareYourLife}


6. Best Post Where I Trick You Into Thinking We Have Our Sh*t Together as Parents. Cuz We Don’t. by Aliza Worthington at The Worthington Post

I almost decided this was more of a parenting story instead of humor. But read it. All the way till the end. Because the last paragraph is the punchline and so worth it.

Brave New World of Parenting


7. The Post Most Likely To Inspire You To Wear Your Granny Panties Proud! by The Dose Girls at The Dose of Reality

I know you’re scared. You see the word MILF in the post title below and you’re wondering how risque this site is getting. No worries. It’s the Dose Girls, Lisa and Ashley. And if you’re eyes are tired of reading at this point, watch the video at the end at the very least.

You Know You’re A MILF When…


8. Post Which Will Have You Hearing Bugs in Your Ear All Night Long by Erin Lane at A Parenting Production

Erin thinks she’s ridiculous sometimes. She may very well be but not for the reasons she gives here. Any self-respecting bug-o-phobe will appreciate the extreme measures she requires for a safe night’s sleep. In my case, replace mosquito with spider and you might as well lock me up.

Sometimes I’m just ridiculous


9. Best Post for Moms Without a Competing Uterus in The Home by Amanda Rodriguez at Dude Mom

I’m proud (and happy) to say I have no competing uterus in my home. I’m a dude mom just like Amanda. But we only have our baby toe dipped in the waters of sports so we haven’t quite learned the joys of “the cup.” Now I know what to expect.

Things Moms Say To Their Sons.


10. Best Post About a Honeymoon Gone Terribly, Horribly Wrong by Meredith at ImaginAcres

I’m sure Meredith didn’t intend for her honeymoon to become a humor piece. Actually, it’s more like a train wreck and you can’t look away. I was riveted by the story and had to read every last word. And if you do, you’ll be whipping out your credit card to buy Meredith a nice weekend as a spa (she deserves it!).

Adirondack Adventures


11. Best Step-By-Step Guide to Living The J. Crew Lifestyle by MLP at I Miss You When I Blink

I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for making fun of the catalog lifestyle. Whether it’s reading Catalog Living or spending too much time following Quinoa’s adventures on Pinterest, it’s funny stuff. And J. Crew just made it so easy.

How to Live the J. Crew Life: 6 Easy Ways


12. Best Worst Taxi Cab Driver Story by Robyn Wright at Robyn’s Online World

All this time, I thought NYC taxi drivers were the worst. It turns out they do actually reject people for taxi driver positions. And then clearly send them all to Boston. I’m still not sure how Robyn kept her composure.

Just Write – Crazy Taxi Story from Boston


13. Best Snarky Outlook on Being Single in this Crazy World by Melany Berger at Melany’s GUYdlines

Oh, to be young and single again. Wait a minute – how about just the young part. I guess the grass is always greener no matter which side you’re looking at.

Being Single for the Holidays – Yeah?!


14. Best Post Wondering Why This Girl Is Still Surfing the Land of Douchebags for a Date by Melany Berger at Melany’s GUYdlines

Remember Melany who’s sorta cool with being single for the holidays? Here she laments the downside of the single life, or what I’d like to call, “Why Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends.”

Snarky Relationship Tips & Advice: Teddy B Style


15. Best Post for Cursing Out Your Inner Editor When He (or She!) is Being a Jerk by Kim Ulmanis at Kim Ulmanis

If you write and you have deadlines (even if they’re self-imposed), you probably have an inner editor. And remarkably, my inner editor sounds an awful lot like Kim’s.

My Inner Editor is an Asshole


16. Best Post to Make You Feel Less Embarrassed By Your Most Embarrassing Moment by Cindy Reed at The Reedster Speaks

How is this post supposed to make you  feel less embarrassed? Well, by comparison, of course! Cindy explains how easily she can take a simple shopping trip and turn it into a few hundred words of ridiculousness.

Why you should never wear orange underwear ever.


17. Best No-Need-To-Make-Your-Own-Stuff-Come-Out-Of-Your-Nose-When-Reading Post by Robyn Wright at Robyn’s Online World

I’ve been known to make things come out of my nose. Not just the yucky stuff either. I have ventured into the land of the neti pot and I can guarantee you that I look nothing like the woman Robyn features in her post.

This package photo does NOT make me want to buy this product


18. Best Post for Having Lots-O-Kids And Needing to Laugh Every Now and Then by Caroline Nixon at Anchored In His Grace

I grew up in a big family. I was (am) one of four kids. But my own family  now is as small as they come. Just a table for three. Caroline reminds me why I don’t have the brain capacity for much more than that!

The Mark of a Big Family


19. Best Post for the Parent Who Has No Desire to have their Own Show on TLC by Erin Chrusch at Working Mother Chronicles

I’m not sure if Erin meant this as a humor piece but how could it not be? If you’re like me and you have the guilty pleasure of watching back-to-back episodes of Dance Moms (because you’re a little obsessed and think Abby isn’t mean, just misunderstood), then you’ll enjoy the drama that goes on at probably every dance studio.

Dance Mom 101


20. Best Post Lamenting the Loss of an Inanimate Object

I never set out to write a humorous piece but when I lost my precious HELLO mug early last year, someone challenged me to devote a whole post to it. So I have one last chance to share how special that one mug was for me.

Fare Thee Well, Mug



So didja laugh? Didja? If not, then you’re a heartless, soulless being. Or clearly, you have a different sense of humor. I promise I’ll find something for you.

Tomorrow, come back and read the next installment of the Blogmas Best of 2013 submitted by YOU!

  • Melanyb12

    YEAH! So happy you liked my snarky humor! Thank you so much and I hope to continue to make you lol! Happy 2014!

  • Robyn Wright

    Thank you for including me Fadra!!!! I can’t wait to read all the rest of the posts listed too! Going to empty my bladder first so I don’t pee my pants laughing :-)

  • The Dose of Reality

    SQUEE!!! We are totally so happy in our MILF-dom it is not even funny! In fact, I am pretty sure both just sprouted a couple new gray hairs to celebrate! :) Thank you so much Fadra!!-The Dose Girls

  • bernthis

    Thank you Fadra and for your Christmas gift this year, I will actually send you a category.

  • Cindy Reed

    Great round-up Fadra! I’m thrilled to be included with some of my favorite writers.

  • Kim

    Thanks so much for including me on this! I’m honored! I was sitting in the dentists office when I got the email notifiying me of this post. Talk about a good way to improve the day! =)

  • Lisa Visbeen Lehmann

    totally the laugh i needed this morning!

  • The Animated Woman

    Yay for animated nudity! You honour me Fadra. It must be a lot of work to do this Blogmas selection; but I’m glad you did because now I know exactly where to come for a collection of the funniest and brightest posts of 2013. THANK-YOU.

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  • Caroline

    Thank you so much for selecting my large family funny! I was (and still am) so excited when I received the notification from you. The others were funny as well, I enjoyed reading them. So sorry it’s taken me an entire month to share my gratitude. Thanks again! :)