Stream of Consciousness Sunday: America the Strange

SOC Sunday 2015

Yesterday felt very political for me. Probably because I shared an article I found interesting that led in to a semi-political discussion. And from there, I ended up clicking on too many links and before I knew it, I saw video clips from ISIS that no one should ever see. All of this on the […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: A Flight to Remember

SOC Sunday 2015

I’m not a huge fan of flying but I accept that it’s the way to get from point A to point B. It’s only when turbulence strikes that I get really nervous. That was my experience yesterday. I was probably hyper aware after meeting someone this week whose friend had survived a significant plane crash […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: A Father’s Day Breakfast

SOC Sunday 2015

I’m a bit later this morning for two reasons. The first is that I simply needed a break from the internet. I try to sort of unplug on Saturdays and as just too tired last night to put forth any real writing effort. And then this morning, THE INTERNET IS OUT! For us, that means […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Tummy Troubles Everywhere

Sometimes when I write for 5 minutes, I try to a least get a complete thought or story out, no matter how abbreviated or poorly written it is. Today, I started down that path and then felt like I just stopped in the middle of the story. But now I’m not sure if it really was […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Unplugged

SOC Sunday 2015

This is a FRIDAY post for me. Friday afternoon. My mood is definitely light but maybe it’s because I’m getting ready to head out of town and I plan to be (mostly) unplugged. So I’ve written this post in advance and I’ll let it publish on Sunday morning and hope you’ll share your stream of […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: To Party or Not To Party?

SOC Sunday 2015

Writing on Sunday mornings feels so different than Saturday night. I’m glad to have some quiet time in the house to be able to stop, think, dump my thoughts for just 5 minutes. And then it’s back to clean up. You’ll know why when you read my stream of consciousness this morning. Here’s my 5 […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: On Psychics and Marriage

SOC Sunday 2015

It’s hard to just open your mind. When I think of doing a brain dump, it’s almost always about how I feel old or fat and how I want to do something about it but it all seems so hard and hopeless (mainly because I have no willpower). But who wants to read that every […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: It’s not always that easy

SOC Sunday 2015

The pressure you place on yourself can often be the worst of all. “What if I don’t post?” I asked myself over the past two weeks. And as I suspected, the world kept turning. We need consistency in our lives but we also need well-placed breaks. I hope you’ll forgive me of mine and join […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Hair, There, and Everywhere

SOC Sunday 2015

Last week, I wrote an interesting post about excitement and jumping into things, especially when they scare me. And then POOF! The post vanished. Completely gone, never to be found again. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe those words were just meant for me. But this week, I’m making sure I hit save because I want […]

The Missing Post #SOCSunday

I wrote an entire post yesterday and I loved it. A full, random stream of consciousness. I felt inspired and was so excited to write it! Wrote it, scheduled it, and now… GONE. I can’t find it anywhere and I just can’t dump my brain again. The magic is gone. But if YOU want to […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: How Amusement Parks Keep You Young

When you’re visiting the “Sweetest Place” for a jam-packed weekend, it’s easy to get caught up in everything when you have the chance to eat chocolate at least once an hour. And while I’m taking away so much from my fantabulous weekend in Hershey, I’m oddly feeling younger than I have in a while. Here’s […]