#SOCSunday: Out with the Old, In with the New

SOC Sunday 2015

I’m on vacation and yet I’m never really on vacation. My computer, my phone – it all travels with me. I unplug here and there but mainly I like to stay connected. While I’m on vacation, though, I’m taking a brief break from writing and putting my energy into creative thinking and strategizing. I explain […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Blind Ambition

SOC Sunday 2015

I have no trouble admitting that I want to be successful. But I have problems when it comes to defining what that success looks like and what I should do to get there. While I was grocery shopping today, I was thinking about this post that was yet to be written and I realized that […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The neat thing about Periscope

SOC Sunday 2015

I went a little over today because I was having fun writing. That probably makes sense since I was writing about how the fun sometimes gets taken out of what we do online and specifically on social media. With a shiny, new platform that’s not too corrupt yet, I gave an example of why Periscope gets me […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Order Amidst the Chaos

SOC Sunday 2015

I hate wasting my weekends on cleaning, especially as summer is slipping away. It would be better for me if my cleaning was simply a finite list of tasks: clean the bathroom, dust the living room, mop the floor. But I can’t get to those tasks until I clear aware the clutter. It’s been a […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Way My Mind Works

It’s been two weeks since my last SOC Sunday. Last week, I was without a computer and on my way back from NYC. This week, I was just tired. Tired of being online and writing and oh so many other things. But after spending 5 minutes writing, I realize that this is exactly what I […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Mid-Ground between Selfless and Selfish

SOC Sunday 2015

Honestly, when I’m not writing a sponsored post or awesome product review, I immediately go inside my head. And it’s not always pleasant in there. Usually that’s what comes out on a Sunday morning. It’s not a banal story from the week. It’s like my Sunday morning therapy. So here you go and I’m sorry […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: America the Strange

SOC Sunday 2015

Yesterday felt very political for me. Probably because I shared an article I found interesting that led in to a semi-political discussion. And from there, I ended up clicking on too many links and before I knew it, I saw video clips from ISIS that no one should ever see. All of this on the […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: A Flight to Remember

SOC Sunday 2015

I’m not a huge fan of flying but I accept that it’s the way to get from point A to point B. It’s only when turbulence strikes that I get really nervous. That was my experience yesterday. I was probably hyper aware after meeting someone this week whose friend had survived a significant plane crash […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: A Father’s Day Breakfast

SOC Sunday 2015

I’m a bit later this morning for two reasons. The first is that I simply needed a break from the internet. I try to sort of unplug on Saturdays and as just too tired last night to put forth any real writing effort. And then this morning, THE INTERNET IS OUT! For us, that means […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Tummy Troubles Everywhere

Sometimes when I write for 5 minutes, I try to a least get a complete thought or story out, no matter how abbreviated or poorly written it is. Today, I started down that path and then felt like I just stopped in the middle of the story. But now I’m not sure if it really was […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Unplugged

SOC Sunday 2015

This is a FRIDAY post for me. Friday afternoon. My mood is definitely light but maybe it’s because I’m getting ready to head out of town and I plan to be (mostly) unplugged. So I’ve written this post in advance and I’ll let it publish on Sunday morning and hope you’ll share your stream of […]