Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Magic of Santa

I had such a blah day. I’m trying to declutter the house again. I dressed in bummy clothes. I didn’t shower. And it was cold outside and in (I have this thing about turning on the heat before November). I’ve just been in a funk. But don’t worry. That’s not what I wrote about. I recalled a story from Friday night at the store and just retelling it made me smile.

Did you also notice I read every single post from last week? I enjoyed reading so many new blogs. I hope to keep seeing new faces and my regulars. Also, it’s always nice to reach out and spread a little comment love. I left the only comment on some of the posts from last week. Don’t make these posts feel too lonely.

Now go forth and read!!!


I have one of those kids that’s just so darn smart. I know, I know. We all have smart kids. But my questions everything. As do all kids. But, like, he questions EVERYTHING. He asked me how the water int he bathtub made a circle around his body. We talked about water displacement and he got it. He even was conducting experiments the next day in the sink.

Mind you, he’s 4. I love that he’s smart. I love that he questions everything. But I’m a little worried. I think it’s important to have magic in your child hood. I love the fantasies of Santa and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. My mom always played it up very well.

I remember one Easter that the Easter Bunny left me a note and signed it with his paw print. I was so convinced. And I could see the bite he took out of the carrot and the little rabbit teeth marks!

So we were at Target yesterday shopping around and just generally getting out of the house. We casually walked through the jewelry department on our way to somewhere else. And then I noticed a man with a head of white hair and a full white beard and mustache. He was wearing glasses and a red Christmas-type shirt, red suspenders, and jeans. He looked exactly like Santa would look on his day off.

It’s not unusual. The malls around here take their Santas very seriously. Only the types with real beards get hired. I’m assuming he was growing his beard out for Santa season.

As we walked past and rounded the corner, I bent down and whispered to my son, “Remember how I told you Santa is always watching? Take a look around the corner.”

He peeked and immediately got a surprised grin on his face and buried his head in my pants. He was shocked. Didn’t know what to say. The gentleman, as if on cue, asked me, “Has he been a good boy?” I, of course, responded with, “Yeah, he’s been pretty good.”

We have to keep them guessing until Christmas Day, right? I’d love to thank that gentleman for helping me keep the CHristmas magic alive.


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  • Dominiquegoh

    I too have two boys who love asking 101 questions.. however for them the magic of christmas seems to have been lost as they are no longer asking about santa claus etc but more day to day items .. I guess it’s also because I’m not into fairy tales myself. 

    • Anonymous

      Every family is different. For me, the magic of Santa was such a wonderful memory for me that I would love for my son to have the same!

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  • Helenabeatriz

    Ah! Christmas – it was awesome when I was growing up. Love the magic of the holidays :) 

  • Hines-Sight Blog

    Such a great story.  Our neighbor is Santa Claus.  He scares my daughter. He’s quite busy this time of year.  I would have thought maybe it was him, but you’re not on our side of town.  Maybe?

    Linked up today.  Had some time. Leigh 

    • Anonymous

      There are LOTS of Santas in town this time of year. When we went to the fair, there was a Santa making hushpuppies at the grist mill. He had to wear a hair net over his beard!

  • Mandi McClure

    I totally agree.  Childhood does need lots of magic and fantasies.  I LOVE that Santa was perfectly on cue.

    • Anonymous

      It’s hard to believe I bought into it all when I was growing up when it was nothing but young guys and cheap beards!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, yes, yes! Our children need the magic! They grow up so fast, and we get so tired that sometimes we forget to let them be experience the things that we got to experience. And yay for Santa for being kind enough, even on his “day off” to stay in character!

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  • Jen at The Wholehearted Life

    I’ve had two weeks of blah days…I feel ya! And what an awesome story! My dad looks a bit like Santa meets Kenny Rogers and loves helping parents throughout the year, lol! Off to read and comment…thanks for the reminder :)

  • Ameena Falchetto

    So cute! I really hope I can find a cool santa this year .. still a bit freaked that he speaks French … hmm… guess I’m in France so that’s normal but still weird for me! 

  • Kallay

    I’ve always loved the idea that there’s a Santa Clause. Even as an adult, I like to believe in that kind of magic. My mom always made the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and the Tooth Fairy come alive as well. Some of my best memories of childhood come from her imaginative ways. 

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  • teritruly

    I have to say that I’m so glad that we have google (and now Siri) so that I can actually answer the questions I get asked…otherwise she would have a lot of bad information!! 

    I think it’s great that the man played along at the store…I was at the pharmacy the other day and there was a guy there that looked like Santa (and his wife totally looked like she could be Mrs. Claus) and these two little kids could not stop staring at them. The kids were probably curious why Santa was so sick. I hope it didn’t traumatize them!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a great story. I vividly remember when I found out “the truth.” I hope I can keep the magic alive for my son for years and years.

  • Lis Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    Isn’t it magical when you see santa out in the real world?  We saw him at Busch Gardens a few summers ago.  He walked up to A gave her a picture and said shhhhhhhhh.

    She was in heaven

  • Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

    Fadra the Santa sighting was so awesome for you and your little one. How sweet! You know, I don’t think I ever wondered why the water circled around me in the tub. You did great at answering him. I love the joy and curiosity of kids. I worked with them for 29 years and can honestly say I learned a lot from them.

  • Tanya

    Love it!  Mine are 8 and 10 and somehow still believe, that’s a miracle right there. I love the magic of it!  

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    I’m with you! I directed a local production of Miracle on 34th St and one thing I asked all auditioners was, “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” I loved the responses…. and if they didn’t, we had a “little talk”…. when I was a kid, I held on as long as I could. I think that option should be open to all kids…. they are growing up so fast, anyway.

  • Monika Melsha

    Are you sure the hidden cameras weren’t rolling? That’s the stuff classic movies are made of & great memories ;  )

  • Harleena Singh

    The same happens with my two daughters who never stop questioning and amazing me with their ways! They are all in the right mood for Halloween today and looking forward to wear their freaky costumes and call their friends over. I guess kids love to fantasize and and feel magical in the moment!

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad I am not the only mom that does this when a “Santa” happens to be doing his own shopping on a day off. Spencer is just figuring things out and understanding about Santa! Last week we went to Costco and there was a “Santa” there. I whispered the SAME thing about him watching us. Love it!

  • Jocelyn

    What a fantastic story!! I really hope to keep the magic alive as long as possible for our kids, too.

  • Daca

    My friend told me about your series. I liked it so much that I have published a post mostly just to mention this series. If you find the time, you can check it out, I would like to hear your honest opinion. After all, this five minute post is your idea.:) Have a nice week.

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