My Obsession with Stuffed Animals

I’d really like to tell you that my obsession with stuffed animal is not at all about my obsession. I like to tell you it’s more about me catering to the whims of my five year old son.

But that would be lying.

Stuffed animals (or stuffies, as I always called them) brought me comfort and security and many times, a much needed shoulder to cry on (albeit a furry one). Growing up, I was very close with my teddy bear, Bruno, and his second-in-command, a stuffed duck that went by the name Ducky.

Ducky, unfortunately, met his end when we had a teething puppy in the house. It was a sad, sad day when I said goodbye to Ducky but I’m happy to report that Bruno is still alive and well.

Mostly well.

Another one of our dogs chewed off parts of his paws but I vow to restore him someday.

My Bruno

With my emotional attachment to stuffies, I might have encouraged my son to become mildly obsessed with stuffies as well.

It all started with baby showers gifts. The little stuffed horses and lambs. And then continued with Christmas gifts. And progressed to here-this-will-keep-you-quiet-while-I-shop gifts. And finally, oh-this-is-so-cute-I’m-sure-Evan-will-want-it gifts.

Now stuffies are his souvenir of choice. As you can imagine, we’re a little overloaded.

Adding to the madness is my work as a blogger because every once in a while, I get a request to review a stuffed toy.

How can you “review” a conglomeration of fluff and fabric and emotion?

You can’t. You just welcome him into your home and have him join your family. Your stuffed-animal-obsessed family.

I actually wanted Woe Bear for me but Evan and I had a tearful discussion and in the end, I think I would have felt like a heel of a mom to deny a teddy bear to my son because, well, I wanted it!

Evan and Woe Bear

No worries though. Apparently, there’s a whole world of hullabalu fun waiting to happen. A world on the iPad and melt-your-heart-with-their-eyes stuffed animals to match. I think we’ll be welcoming many more family members soon.

hullabalu is launching soon and I’d love for you to stay on their radar. Their first official “toy” is being released this fall. The collection of stuffed animals I saw were actually the inspiration for hullablu’s own characters (including pan!). If you want in, sign up now to keep up on the magical world of hullabalu.

Disclosure: hullabalu sent me a stuffed animal for “review” but as I stated, can you really put a review on love? All opinions expressed are my own. And I’m proud of them.


If you’re still here and reading, I just have to say I think hullabalu is a really cool concept with just the right level of fun and hipness and innocence and creativity. I’m super glad to have had the chance to Google them more and learn about this small company looking to make it big. And if you happen to live in NYC, they’re hiring a Full-Time Cartoonist. Now off to learn animation and figure out how to swing a family move to SoHo…

  • MommyLisa

    OMG – NONONONONONO. I like stuffies, but nononono NO more of them in my house. I have told my daughter that we are going through hers and I will donate 50 cents to each she gives up to her college fund. My hubby pointed to the pile and said a dollar would break us if she got “into it.” Ugh. We wrangle them in the LARGEST Boon Otto you can buy and they still have taken over the house.

    • FadraN

      But don’t you know stuffed animals have feeeeeeeelings? Didn’t you ever watch Toy Story? No, those toys are alive. I can’t turn my back on them. Not even for 50 cents.

      • MommyLisa

        Cute, but I still am tired of tripping over them. :)

  • Colleen – amadisonmom

    I would like to blame the 100s of stuffed animals in our house on my girls… but the fault might be (slightly) mine. I can rarely say no to a cute furry lovable stuffed animal. So I’m with you on the stuffed animal obsession. We should try counting them sometime.

    • FadraN

      Do NOT make me count them. Just as I will not count my shoes. I do not need to emphasize where my faults lie 😉

  • heartmama

    My stuffed animals are now my daughter’s stuffed animals. The legacy lives on!

    • FadraN

      I actually have a few of my own that I’ve passed along. They ended up on the editing room floor but I do live vicariously through my son!

  • Rebecca Maria

    I loved seeing Bruno’s picture. It was like seeing an old, old friend. Brought back memories. I’ll snap a pic of Cindy and post it on FB. See if she looks how you remember.