#SOCSunday: Out with the Old, In with the New

SOC Sunday 2015

I’m on vacation and yet I’m never really on vacation. My computer, my phone – it all travels with me. I unplug here and there but mainly I like to stay connected. While I’m on vacation, though, I’m taking a brief break from writing and putting my energy into creative thinking and strategizing. I explain […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Blind Ambition

SOC Sunday 2015

I have no trouble admitting that I want to be successful. But I have problems when it comes to defining what that success looks like and what I should do to get there. While I was grocery shopping today, I was thinking about this post that was yet to be written and I realized that […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Unplugged

SOC Sunday 2015

This is a FRIDAY post for me. Friday afternoon. My mood is definitely light but maybe it’s because I’m getting ready to head out of town and I plan to be (mostly) unplugged. So I’ve written this post in advance and I’ll let it publish on Sunday morning and hope you’ll share your stream of […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: To Party or Not To Party?

SOC Sunday 2015

Writing on Sunday mornings feels so different than Saturday night. I’m glad to have some quiet time in the house to be able to stop, think, dump my thoughts for just 5 minutes. And then it’s back to clean up. You’ll know why when you read my stream of consciousness this morning. Here’s my 5 […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Hair, There, and Everywhere

SOC Sunday 2015

Last week, I wrote an interesting post about excitement and jumping into things, especially when they scare me. And then POOF! The post vanished. Completely gone, never to be found again. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe those words were just meant for me. But this week, I’m making sure I hit save because I want […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: How Amusement Parks Keep You Young

When you’re visiting the “Sweetest Place” for a jam-packed weekend, it’s easy to get caught up in everything when you have the chance to eat chocolate at least once an hour. And while I’m taking away so much from my fantabulous weekend in Hershey, I’m oddly feeling younger than I have in a while. Here’s […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Midlife on a Sunday Morning

SOC Sunday 2015

I always say that writing on a Sunday morning results in a much different post than when I write on a Saturday evening. Yesterday, I was in a bit of a funk and simply forgot about my post. And then this morning the internet was down and my site was down. So I guess this […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Breaking my own rules

SOC Sunday 2015

It’s Sunday and whether or not you attend some sort of worship service, I think Sunday is the ideal time for quiet reflection and a time to release a lot of what’s jumbled up inside our heads. Sometimes it’s a release. Sometimes it provides clarity. And sometimes, like this morning for me, it’s simply therapeutic. […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Indulgence and Deprivation

SOC Sunday 2015

Yes, it’s back. It’s Stream of Consciousness Sunday. Two things I’ve been missing in blogging lately: the ability to freely write and the sense of community. I had both of those when I hosted my weekly link-up, Stream of Consciousness Sunday. For those of you that have participated, starting next week, I’m bringing the link-up […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Helpless


I feel far away from writing sometimes. Like really writing. I have lots to write about. Cool trips, cool products. But when writing becomes too obligatory, it loses it sparkle and meaning. So I’ve been heading back to Jana’s Thinking Place to check on her Stream of Consciousness Sunday prompts. When I originally started the […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Love and Babies and Marriage

It’s conference season for me. I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Type-A Parent Conference and having an amazing time (more to come on that next week). I’ll be heading to BlogHer in August. Not only does that give me a ample content for this blog but it also gives me the opportunity to listen […]