Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Overcoming Post-Vacation Anxiety

SOC Sunday 2015

For probably the 4th year in a row, we were able to plan a weeklong escape to Florida right when winter seemed to have us in its clutches. I know I’ll be going back to it but I feel ready to face the inevitable end of winter. I cam practically hear the robins singing and see […]

A Disney Vacation Round-Up

Evan meets Peter Pan

Even bloggers need a vacation and by the time you read this, I’ll be most of the way through my weeklong Disney vacation. We usually go for a week every February for several reasons: The weather isn’t blazing hot. The crowds are low (relatively speaking). It’s low season (in terms of accommodations). We really, really […]

Zoom Zoom Zooming in the Mazda3

Mazda3 6 speed

The joy of loving cars is that I get asked to drive a lot of cars and I’m more than happy to oblige. But this latest request had me a little tickled. “Can you or your husband drive manual vehicles?  We’ve got a few in your area that are wide open available in the next […]

The Academy Award Winners (based on trailers)

Hollywood Star - Fadra Nally

Thanks to my role in the Fandango Family, I’ve seen more movies this year than I have in eight years! (Related: my son just turned eight years old.) But I’m still pretty far behind. As a theater student who always had dreams of becoming a movie star, the Academy Awards used to be like the Super […]

The Fastest Italian-Polish Meal I’ve Ever Made

Johnsonville® Italian Sausage #MeatballMasters

I made a delicious and easy dinner using Johnsonville® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. On a typical night in my household, my husband might ask me: “What’s for dinner?” Seem fairly innocuous, right? Then why do I react like I’ve just been asked if I reshingled the roof today. “I don’t know. […]

It’s Getting Hot in Here: Unexpectedly Romantic Movies on Netflix

Romantic Movies on Netflix

The great thing about your kid getting older is the ability to finally watch something in the evening that isn’t animated and is rated higher than G. With Evan having just turned 8, we usually stick to PG or sometime PG-13 movies but it depends on what that (-13) is designating in the rating. I actually like […]

4 Valentine’s Day Activities for Non-Crafty Parents

Happy Valentine's Surprise

By the time you read this, I’ll be getting ready for a live television appearance the morning show on Fox45, a local station in the Baltimore area. Or I will have already made the appearance and hopefully conveyed successfully that I am NOT a crafty parent but if the crafts and instructions are easy enough, I […]

An Anglophile Finds Her Crown Joules

Fadra in the sun #aventuralife

An Anglophile is a person who admires England, its people, and its culture. Its antonym is Anglophobe. ~ Wikipedia, source of all things First, let me say that I had no clue there was such a thing as an anglophobe, which is basically dislike of or fear of the English or England. Personally, I consider myself […]

The Girl Who Loved Volvo

Fadra and Amelia in Volvo V60

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved Volvo. She was always attracted to quirky cars and loved the boxy designs she saw barreling down the highways. And those headrests! How could she forget those distinctive headrests!! But the closest she ever got to a Volvo was her college boyfriend who bought his […]

Vanity, thy name is Selfie

Good hair day selfie

Selfie is a really annoying word, isn’t it? I mean, it’s totally accurate. It’s a description of a photo taken by oneself. But it’s become such a part of pop culture vernacular that it really has a negative connotation. Look through any random teenage girl’s Instagram account and you’ll see something like this (which was […]

Your Kid’s First Horror Flick on Netflix

langoliers monsters

Back in October, I picked out some of the scariest scary movies you could find on Netflix. My requirements, however, were minimal blood and guts, nothing crazy paranormal, and nothing too nightmare-inducing (for me, I mean). I made a list on my Netflix profile and we’ve continued to stare at that selection month after month (because I […]