The 13 Things Better Than Chocolate in Hershey, PA

sooperdooperLooper shirt

Better than chocolate might be a bit of a strong opener for what I’m about to share with you. I happen to like chocolate but I don’t love chocolate. It’s something many people (including my husband) can’t comprehend. But I do love chocolate with other things, like chocolate and peanut butter. True story: Mr. Reese was inspired by […]

Why Ride the Coaster When You Can Just Buy the T-Shirt?

They still sell the exact. same. t-shirt.

There are days in every family that shall live in infamy. In my own family, it always seems to the worst case of “fill-in-blank” we ever had. Like the first New Year’s Eve I spent with my husband. We both were recovering from a stomach ailment but because I had started first, I was in […]

Creative Lunching with Bentgo Boxes {Giveaway}


Spring Break has finally come to an end. Just as, it seems, Spring is actually getting started. The sun has come out. And the weather is actually warm enough to wear shorts! Well, warm enough for my son to wear shorts. I think it has to hit 85 degrees before I’m ready to go down that […]

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere which means it’s time to talk about alcohol

#TalkEarly quote - Fadra Nally

I’ve spent the last year focusing more on alcohol than I ever have and I plan to continue the trend throughout 2015. And that’s because I believe strongly in being an open and honest parent with a transparent view of life. That’s part of why I got involved as a blogger for the #TalkEarly program which […]

Stand Up for Your Comedy (on Netflix)

Jim Jefferies Bare Netflix

Do you know how I know if we’re going to get along famously? It’s decidedly simply by whether or not we laugh at the same things. For example, last night I was in the mood for some stand-up comedy and turned on an old Ellen DeGeneres special. I remember really like her humor back in […]

That Time I Stayed in a Haunted Denver Hotel

Brown Palace Denver

Business or pleasure? It’s a question I’ve always been asked whether I was traveling to London to work with a client or headed to Orlando for the happiest place on earth. And my response is always the same. Both. If you have a chance to visit someplace new, GET OUT AND EXPLORE IT. It doesn’t […]

Nothing Outlandish About the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander

Picture Simon Cowell talking. It doesn’t have to be him, per se, but imagine his exact accent and intonation. If I’m being honest… It’s a phrase I use a lot in my every day life and if I’m being honest, I don’t think about Mitsubishi very often. In fact, they may very well be one of […]

Meerkat is more than just a cute little mammal from Africa


How long have you been waiting for the Next Big Thing in social media? Not only have there been tons of apps to compliment, augment, and even consolidate our social media platforms but there have also been plenty of new platforms. And most of them don’t last too long. As proof positive of this, I encourage […]

What Creepy Vans Taught Me About Safe Driving

creepy van

The first time my son got behind the wheel, I felt no apprehension whatsoever. He’s always been a cautious rule follower and I expected no less when he was sitting in the driver’s seat. Our first trip started off innocently enough and then he started veering off the road. Then he overcorrected and we slammed […]

Cinderella Reimagined: Living Up to a Little Girl’s Fantasy

Ella and the Prince

When I was growing up, princesses weren’t the cultural phenomenon that they are today. Dressing up as a princess didn’t require an itchy $40 dress from the Disney store. It only requires things like my mother’s slip, some fancy clip-on earrings, and a paper crown. And a lot of imagination. When I was growing up, […]

7 Laundry Problems of the Suburban Life

Suburban Laundry Problems

I’d love to paint you a picture of how easy my life is. I mean, it should be easy by all accounts. Financially, we do okay. Our house is new and large. We live in a quiet town with good schools and we drive nice cars. I am fortunate and I remember that every day of […]