Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Reinventing Myself

I knew this day would come but honestly I thought it would be later this year. This is the last Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. I won’t be hosting the meme anymore and while I never set out to teach anyone anything, I hope that you’ve learned the quality of writing that can come when […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: All About Dads

It’s Father’s Day. Let’s face it. There are a lot of dad issues out there. It just seems that it’s easier to find a good mom than it is to find a good dad. So do we really even need them? I gave some thought to my own dad and to my husband, the father […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: My Secret Double Life

My writing has slowed down a bit as my lifestyle has changed a bit for the summer. I have less time for online and I’m awfully distracted by this new house. It needs a lot of decorating so I’m trying to keep up. I also usually wait until late Saturday night to write this post. […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: If you could read my mind, love

When you have two glasses of wine and fall asleep while putting your son to sleep after a long day at the zoo, your thoughts aren’t always the most coherent. Then again, normally my #SOCSunday thoughts aren’t always that coherent. Today’s Writing Prompt: What happens when you are reminded of your teen years? Happy? Jealous? […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Overwhelmed by Social Media

I happened to be overwhelmed by my work. Social media is a hobby for me but it’s always my profession, regardless of how much money I make at it. So it’s a choice but not in a normal sense of deciding whether or not I want to do it. I feel like I’m doing some […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Haven’t We Met Before?

Life is an experience, isn’t it? In a week, I’ve started to normalize. I have internet (thank God). I have a refrigerator and a washer and dryer. We still need the microwave but haven’t really missed it that much. And I’ve gotten enough unpacking done that it’s starting to feel good to go out and […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Internet is my constant

I waffled about writing a post for today. I just moved (yes, it FINALLY happened). I’m sick. And I have no internet. But I decided I wanted get out and see the community and see if there really was a Starbucks with internet close by. And I was in luck! Today’s Writing Prompt: How has […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Story of a Man

So many things on my mind tonight. When I sit down to write my post for next Sunday, I will officially be living in Maryland. I still don’t see how it’s all going to get done especially with me fielding some sort of upper respiratory ailment and lower back pain. But it will get done […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Rearranging My Life

The house has officially sold. It’s a done deal. We closed on Friday and officially turned the deed over to someone else. But we haven’t moved yet. We’re renting our own house for the next 2 weeks. It feels a little weird because it doesn’t feel like someone else’s house. But at least the first […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Stop the Merry Go Round!

I usually write my post on Saturday night – usually late at night – and publish it shortly before I nod off to sleep. These days, I schedule it to post at 12:01am eastern time. Technically, it’s still Saturday for my West Coast friends but it’s already halfway through Sunday for my South Pacific friends […]

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Baking bread for The Hunger Games

Today is a weird topic for me. I mean, it’s not weird for ME but it might be for you. Again, it’s a good time to remind you that the writing prompts are OPTIONAL. I added them because some people wanted to participate but ended up spending 5 minutes writing about what they should be […]